By Tom Lichtenberg

I got this for my eleven year old, who absolutely loved it. He read it nonstop all the way through, laughing out loud much of the time. He told me he liked it even more than the Lightning Thief series, saying it was funnier, more interesting, and better written as well.

By mercifulmaenad

As a person who studied comics and religion in college (and wrote a thesis on the topic), I find this book funny, engaging, and thoughtful. I wasn't originally a comic fan (and this is NOT a comic book), but the whole idea of ancient myths and modern superheroes was surprisingly fantastic to me. The writing style reminds me of Christopher Moore's fiction--witty, clever, fast-paced, action packed, casual, and smart. This is a great story told by a great new author. If you're looking for a fun, modern-day romp rife with ancient history, this is a great title to check out.

By Pat Mallon

Mister Mercury has one of the more creative premises I have encountered in a while. Hermes returns to a world that is much different than the one he left, which sets up a would-be fish-out-of-water plot. But Hermes is coy to recognize the reasons for the change, and slyly develops a way to restore the old world order of gods above man.

Mister Mercury is a very funny and enjoyable read that does not play out like many other modern fantasies. It walks along the fine line between superhero and mythology very well. I think it should be noted that the winks at Christianity and other religions as being concoction of a mischievous Greek god could be taken in offense by some readers. But if you are one to treat fiction as what it is (make believe), then you should have no problem enjoying this ride.

By Richard Burt

Giando Sigurani, in this great romp through time and myth, creates a world that sparkles with his unique voice and wit. It's one part Virgil, one part Douglas Adams - yet wholly original. This effort from an extremely promising young author is great fun and is a perfect read for the beach, the bed or anywhere in between.